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Why Harmonisation?

SituationConfusionWe are aware that all of us are both personally and as a society very far away from "Harmony", and therefore have a lot to learn when it comes to harmonisation and how to integrate it into our lives step by step. Through our lifestyle, which is marked by seperation, we have distanced ourself so much from mother nature, that we almost accept her exploitation as a given.

We allowed our greed to lure us into a dead end filled with rising debt and unsolved problems. Now is the time to rethink our values und find new ways, so that our children may inherit a worthy future.

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verkehrsschilder sackgasse 1582The central way of thinking that lead us into this dead end is the illusion of the seperation of creation and all resulting excesses. Now is the time to program a new direction into our GPS.


"You can't solve a problem with the same way of thinking that lead to its creation."
-Albert Einstein

SolutionTimeForChangeIt's time to change the perspective of contradictions into a new perspective of integration. Being against each other is over and we have an opportunity, to explore new forms of community. Now there's the possibility of a new game, with new rules. Community is the answer. The big challenges in our inner self and in society are the same. To master them, we need a new point of view.



Time for a new perspective

We see a lot of opportunites to harmonise us, our relationships and our surroundings based on the following values:


Cause EffectPrimaryUniversalLaw  

Effect and

Effect and cause are the fundament of the Harmonieinitiative.
Through our new perspective, we focus our energy more and more on solutions, which help both the individual and the society to freedom to self-realisation.

Our intention is the strongest cause that we can make, since it channels all further energies according to it.

 SolutionChoosePreferences Autonomy

SolutionChoosePreferencesOur free will is our freedom to define the direction and thereby set the cause for new experiences. The responsibility lays with every individual and is based on the non-transferable right of the individual, to direct their own life.

With the Harmonieinitiative, we intent to support the following values: Wir beabsichtigen mit der Harmonieinitive folgende Werte zu fördern:

  1. Autonomy:
    Freedom to individual expression
  2. Self-responsibility:
    Freedom and ability to choose one's own solution (minimal interference)
  3. Respect:
    Respect that others have the same freedom (minimal interference)
JoinIntensionsMatch Integration More Community through integration of different point of views and approaces
The highest well-being of EVERYONE is considered in ALL decisions064 barter and trade Fotolia ONEO2
 BalanceTheComplements Balance

InsideOutNature teaches us that everything is in a sensible balance, of which we are a part.

We need this balance both in ourselves, as well as in society. 

This balance can be restored in ourselves as well as outside, by us learning to master our instruments and then integrating ourselves harmonially into an orchestra

Ziel der Gemeinschaft