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"Tell me what you're measuring, and I'll tell you who you are..."

"That which you can't measure, you cannot lead."
Peter Drucker

Why measure?

More transparency

 MomentOfFullResponsability"In God we trust, all others bring data."
- W. Edwards Deming

Actions are louder than words. The measurement garantuees transparency and sustainability during the implementation.



Learn faster

BabyLearningHow can we adjust the faster and faster changes in environment as efficiently as possible, without losing the goal? Factors influencing the harmonisation can be recognised fast and then changed. No matter of individuals, families, companies, teams or state, everybody wins the same. 


Leading better

MeasureBoth the people and their representatives acquire a more efficient leading instrument, so they are able to recognise contemporary weight and influences in a better way. The citizens have the possibility to propose their own perspective accordingly, and the state gets efficient feedback. Freedom of action is preserved. Should the goal not be reached, for whatever reason, the people are able to recognise it quickly and react accordingly to preserve their interest. Thereby the constitutional princible of the sovereignty of the people is implemented practically and transparently.


How does one measure harmony?
ChoiceEmotionalIt is actually very easy, through surveys, since everybody has their own priorities. Through the modern distribution of internet-technology and smartphones, it is even easier than ever before. It is possible to create easy or even detailed surveys, to gain a clear overview of the index.

This research of personal and communal influencing factors to reach a harmonic state, is an important function and channels our attention more and more to a goal which is good for everyone and everything.


Measure what?

Are we doing the right thing (Effectiveness)

TargetNotReachedAre we effective? Are we doing the right thing to fulfill our intentions? A goal becomes an intention only when we measure our actions accordingly. Through regular surveying of the Status Que, which is perceived and prioritised by the people. we secure the transparent fulfillment of our intentions. 



Are we efficient?

TargetROIAre the available recources used efficiently to reach the desired goasl?