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BabyHelpAre you going to help?

You can support us like this:

Human resources (personal support)

Active, personal support in any shape or form is our favourite kind. Every helping hand is welcome, and there are many different ways in which you can contribute to the project. Are you ready to support us with your time and know-how?

In the following paragraphs there are some examples, but other activities can be added according to your abilities and wishes:

Spreading of the petition:
For the petition to work and to be understood correctly, it has to be made known in the wider public, where it can have its full impact:

  • Spread Signature sheets and fill them and send them to us
  • TMention the petition actively in any kind of Media

Administrative support:

  • Administration of all kinds to manage the petition
  • Translation of texts (in a national language, english or maybe even other languages)
  • Creating Graphs or animations at the computer, which help us to explain the fundamental concepts of the petition, and can also be used as teaching material for schools
  • Development of databanks and/or Webprogramming, especially to create a practical model as an example for a harmonyindex
  • Do you have other abilities and possibilities you can provide?

Donating material resources:

Of course material resources are very welcome and desperately needed. According to research, the average cost for the fulfillment of a petition (without taking the development of the model into account, which is adds to it in our case) is about 150,000 CHF.  Because of that every Franke and every other kind of material support is very welcome. Following are examples for material support:

Financial Donations

  • Membership
  • Donations
  • WIR

Other resources

Apart from time or money there are many other possible ways to support us. Everything that helps us to keep the costs as low as possible can be an important addition to our petition. Here are some examples, how you can help us out in an easy way:

  • Food or housing for volunteers during local activities
  • Means of transport
  • Conferencerooms for regional meetings and coordination
  • Used but functional computers, office equipment, -material etc.
  • Stamps (Postage for the signature sheets are big cost factor...)
  • Other material that could be useful in any way or form

Yes, I want to provide the following resources (please describe how you want to support us):