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The petition relies on the sovereignty of the swiss people.

The principle of the sovereignty of the people makes the people the sovereign bearer of the power of the state. The constitution, as the political-jurisdictional fundament of a state therefore relies on the constitutional power of the people. Not one absolut monarch, but the people as a whole are alone above the constitution. 

um auf Basis dieses Grundprinzips die Staatsgemeinschaft konkret zu beauftragen sich gemäss der Essenz der Erfüllung einer Gemeinschaft zu organisi eren.

Souveräniät Schweizer Volk


A successful example is the realisation of a "Global Happyness Index" of the country Bhutan, to measure the governmental organisation and decisions in regards to the increase of satisfaction/the "happiness" regarding all possible parameters:











Morer info about the Bhutan Happyness Index:

The "World Peace Game" is another inspiring, but indirect source, even though its focus is on the practical experiences of the political situation and possible solutions for it, when Peace is made to be the common goal.

world Peace game






More info about the World Peace Game (Video, very recommendable):

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Additionally, the "Global Peace Index", which should be taken with a grain of salt, since the attention is not on the true essence: