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babiesSameDirectionWhat does the Harmonieinitiative want?

To make sure that the state and its organs comply with what creates the best circumstances for a harmonic and balanced society, today and for future generations, the popular petition "Harmonieinitiative" intends to add the following to the swiss constitution:

Art. 2 Purpose

Art. 5 Foundations of constitutional action

1 The law is the fundament and barrier of every constitutional act.

2 Every constitutional act must be in the interest of the people and proportionate.


2a The state relies, above everything else, on the principle of the efficient creation and conservation of the best premises for the harmonisation of the interests of every individual and society on all levels, in its actions and its organisation, which is measured on the people's weighing, which has to be surveyed regularly.

2b Every constitutional act is transparent on all levels, and publicly traceable for all people.

3 Constitutional organs and private people act according to their best ability and faith

4 State and cantons observe public international law.