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The "Assocciation for Holistic Harmonisation" is a project for interdisciplinary research, development and promotion of technology for a harmonisation on all levels. 


What purpose do we have?


scientistThe project "Harmonieinitiative" is our first project in Switzerland, to create the fundament for the scientific research of fundamental influencing factors of harmony in society. 

We believe that humanity has been searching for hamony since its creation, even when many other and different terms were and are used for that (like "satisfaction", "happiness", "contentness","success", "gratification" and many more). We chose the term "harmony, because it is clear of prejudice, and easy to understand for most people, especially compared with music.

What is special about our point of view is that both the harmony of the individual (We think harmonisation starts inside and spreads outside) as well as of society are an influence. The point of society is to create better premises for every individual through synergies, while still respecting the individuality of everyone. That is exactly what happens in music; everyone chooses their own instruments and preferences, developes his talents  and refines them in an orchestra with others to a harmonic whole. 


The petition guides the attention of the state more and more towards synergies and balance, which are promoted through this point of view. The findings of our research are open to the public, to speed up the learning process and to give everyone the opportunity to make a conscious decision to strengthen the inner and outer harmony. 



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