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Welcome to the Harmonieinitiative!

Quo Vadis Schweiz?Quo vadis Switzerland? 
Who decides in our country?
Where does the journey of our community go?
Every drive needs a concrete destination, otherwise we will drive around and never arrive anywhere...
What is the goal of every community, no matter which size? What is our uniting denominator?

Which criteria decides the amount of success of a community, both in regard to individual as well as collective goals and ideals? How do we solve the conflict of different ideals? Is there a master key, that opens every door?


HarmonicsWe suggest to the people, to decide if "harmony" as a concept might offer the answers. It is important to have a clear understanding of this sadly politically under-used term: We understand harmony as the beneficial interplay of different elements. Essentially, we compare it with a musical orchestra, in which all musicians play different instruments and melodies, but unite to create a melodious whole. That is exactly how we imagine the ideal destination of the swiss community. Of course the way could be far, but it is essential to define the destination of our drive. 

Das Volk entscheidetThat is why we suggest to fix the principle of harmony as the highest purpose of the state, as well as measuring it concretely. It is essential, that everybody decides which weight to give to the crieria, from their own personal perspective and by their own ideals. Thereby the souvereignty of the individual is secured, as is designated by the constitution.




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